Changes made by Ryman as a result of the community’s appeal

In preparing its case for the appeal, the Devonport Precincts Peninsula Society relied on the advice and expert opinion provided by urban designer, Richard Reid; urban planner, David Wren; and legal representatives, Brabant Barristers.

The appeal was settled through a court-led mediation process which ran from March to May 2017.

Through the agreement, the bulk and dominance of the buildings have been reduced, breaking three large buildings at the elevated, western end of the development into six, smaller buildings surrounding a large courtyard. This gives greater porosity across the site.

Before and after building heights
Consented and Mediated Site Plan and Building Heights

There has been a significant change to the orientation of the central core of the largest building on the lower, eastern end of the site to improve internal amenity, reduce the apparent building length, and continue the open space of Regent Street within the site. When viewed from the south, the height of the overall village skyline has been lowered, reducing its visual dominance.

Before and after appeal
A Street View as Agreed Through Mediation (top) and as Originally Consented (bottom)

The layout emphasises the village’s orientation to the street on its northern sunlit boundary and the Society accepts expert advice that this is a good outcome for both local and village residents.